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Become a Motorperson

Becoming a motorperson is one of the most rewarding ways to support the preservation of Yakima's historic trolley system! As a motorperson, you will join a select group of highly trained and dedicated volunteers. Through careful study, practice, and experience, you can advance through the levels (Class C, Class B, Class A) and deepen your knowledge of electric railroad operations, becoming familiar with many types of equipment along the way.

Basic Requirements

While tremendously fun, being a motorperson is also physically and mentally demanding and comes with significant responsibilities. As a motorperson, you will be accountable for the safe operation of the trolleys, be on the front lines of our interaction with the public, and have an important obligation to treat the historic equipment with care.

The following minimum requirements are essential for the safe and effective performance of this volunteer position:

Application & Certification Process

  1. Become a YVT Member in good standing
  2. Complete the Volunteer Motorperson Application Form
  3. If your application is approved, we will provide you with training and study materials so that you can begin preparing to become a motorperson
  4. Participate in in-person training with a Class A motorperson
  5. Pass a written test graded by two (2) Class A motorpersons
  6. Pass a practical test before two (2) Class A motorpersons

Note: Yakima Valley Trolleys reserves the right to deny any applicant at its sole discretion.

Qualifications and Classes of Motorpersons and Conductors

Class C

Class B

Class A