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Private charters of the Yakima Valley Trolleys can be arranged any time of year, subject to crew availability and operating conditions.

What's included in a charter?

During the charter your group will have exclusive use of the trolley and assistance of the crew.

Why charter a trolley?

Chartering a trolley is fun, educational, and extremely unique. People charter Yakima's trolleys for many reasons:

Which streetcars can be chartered?

Both the the older looking Oporto cars and the double-truck Master Units can be chartered. See the Museum Collection page for more information about both types of streetcars. Oporto cars hold approximately 32 passengers and are not heated. Master Units seat 40 passengers and do have heating.

In addition, we have allowed railfan groups to charter the electric freight locomotives in the past. We also have freight cars in our collection which can be used to assemble a small consist for photo opportunities. Please contact us to make special arrangements.

What are the rates?

Streetcars #1776, #1976, and #21 may be chartered at a rate of $175 per hour per car. To raise funds for its restoration, we are also offering premium charters on our newest streetcar, #160, at special rate. Freight locomotives may be chartered at a rate of $350 per hour. Special arrangements such as a freight consist may have additional costs.

How do I arrange a charter?

Please contact us via our Contact Us page and describe your needs to us.


Rental of the historic Carbarn or Powerhouse for special events is possible. They provide a unique venue for your function. Public restrooms and a gift-shop are available on site. Please contact us with inquiries.