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Our Future

The Yakima Valley Trolleys organization is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the historic YVT railroad. We endeavor to make your visit to our electric railroad as authentic an experience as possible. Our trolleys transport people back in time.

At the same time, our vision for the future is bright. As one of Yakima's premiere cultural assets we forsee the scope of our operation broadening in the future to serve the Yakima Valley as a living history museum, catalyst for tourism, and as a public transit service. Several long range goals are in development:

Restoration of YVT Facilities

Both the Carbarn and Powerhouse buildings await restoration to their former glory. Bringing the Carbarn up to 21st Century seismic standards is an immediate goal. In the long term more thorough restorations of both buildings are in order to ensure they remain in Yakima for the next century.

Yakima Valley Museum

Continuation of the YVT Pine Street Line onto Tieton Drive will enable us to serve the Yakima Valley Museum. Trolley service between their museum and ours will benefit both institutions.

Downtown Yakima

Restoration of the YVT line via Yakima Avenue to Front Street will bring trolley service back to the heart of downtown Yakima. A line through the historic Front Street district and along the A Street corridor to the Convenetion Center and Fairgrounds will connect all of Yakima's important cultural centers.