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Welcome to the website of the Yakima Valley Trolleys—America's last intact, early 20th Century, interurban electric railroad!

Please explore each of the categories on the left to learn more about us.

"Our Museum" contains information about our present-day trolley operations and museum, news updates, our online store, special events calendar, private charter and facility rental information, and tourist information.

"Our History" has resources to learn about the history of the YVT, including a timeline, photos, and videos.

"How You Can Help" will tell you how you can be a part of preserving America's last intact, early 20th Century, interurban electric railroad. It also contains information about membership and sponsorship.

"Contact Us" will quickly put you in touch with members of our organization.

"Links" contains links to other websites related to the Yakima Valley Trolleys.

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